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CFA franc zone in Africa: history, characteristics, opportunities for cooperation.


Course of lectures
Theme number 1:
CFA franc zone in Africa: history, characteristics, opportunities for cooperation.
Regional economic integration is a process that has affected all continents since the middle of the last century. The creation of customs, economic and monetary unions occurred not only in Europe and America, but also in Africa.
A single currency for several states is an attribute of an integration association that exists not only in the European Union, but also in the CFA franc zone in Africa.
CFA franc zone in Africa is the territory of several states of West and Central Africa.
The lecture will present a short history of the process of formation of the CFA franc zone in Africa, present its economic characteristics, as well as the opportunities for economic cooperation with countries belonging to the CFA franc zone in Africa.
The material is aimed at a wide audience, from students to entrepreneurs. The lecture is based on academic data, but information is also useful for practical application.
Keywords: # regional integration, # single currency, # franc zone CFA, # economic union, # monetary union, # West Africa, # Central Africa.

The price: 80 UAH

Date: April 13, 2018, 17.00 - 20.00.

Location: Kiev, st. Melnikova, 81A. Business center, conference room on the first floor.
In the building, the access system, therefore, it is desirable to indicate the name and surname of those who wish to attend the lecture in advance, in order to make a list for employees at the entrance to the building.
If someone does not have time to register in advance, then still come, please; you will be registered at the entrance.

How to get there: a landmark - Institute of International Relations (its address is Melnikova St. 36/1).
From Metro station Lukyanovskaya - trol. №23, 16, 19. autobus № 31. autobus № 179, 166, 558, 439, 499, 464.
From Metro station Dorogozhichi - trol. No. 23, 16, 19. autobus No. 166, 558, 439, 432, 500, 464.
How to pass: our building on the opposite side of the Institute of International Relations, in the courtyard behind the house number 83 (Melnikova Street). It is necessary to go into the courtyard between houses No. 81 (red) and No. 83, go through the first turn on the right - about 30 m, there is a direction sign to our building No. 81A (Melnikova Street) turn to the right and reach our building.

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